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    makes high sugar food more palatable.

  • What Is Lactisole

    Lactisole, a safe food additive which can susppress the excessively sweet taste in hight sugar food.
    Lactisole has widely been used to improve taste in foods such as jellies, jams, and preserved fruit products containing large amounts of sugar. By adding lactisole in these products, it allows fruit flavors to come through due to the suppressing of sugar's sweetness.


    In 1999, scientists at Duke University conducted a study on the sweetness suppressing effect of lactisole, it was shown that lactisole at both 250 ppm and 500 ppm significantly suppressed the sweetness of three sugars (sucrose, fructose and glucose) and some other sweeteners.

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    As the figure shows, lactisole (Na-PMP) showed a surprising effect of sweetness suppressing. In this study, when 10% sucrose solution was mixed with lactisole (Na-PMP) at 250 ppm final concentration, its sweet taste was similar to 2.5% sucrose solution with no lactisole, and when 10% sucrose solution was mixed with lactisole (Na-PMP) at 500 ppm final concentration, its sweet taste was similar to 1% sucrose solution with no lactisole.


    Similarly, this effect also occured with fructose, glucose, and other sweeteners, such as acesulfame-K, alitame, mannitol, aspartame. [Learn more]

  • How To Use

    Good sweetness inhibition effect is achieved when lactisole is present in the finished product at a concentration of about 80 ppm.
    We recommend implementing a pilot production first. For example, a pilot production of 100 kg of finished product could be conducted with 8 g of lactisole added during the process, and depending on the sweet taste of the finished product, multiple pilot productions could be conducted by increasing or decreasing the amount of addition to determine the optimal amount to add.

    For food manufacturers, We recommend adding lactisole by dissolving it in water. If it is not appropriate to add water during the production process, it is recommended to pre-mix lactisole with other powdered ingredients.


    Very importantly, since lactisole is added in very small amounts, ensuring that it is evenly distributed in the finished product is essential to ensure good sweetness suppressing effect.


    For food additive manufacturers, lactisole can be used as a ingredient for producing food additives. It can be mixed thoroughly with powdered ingredients such as maltodextrin to produce powdered food additives, or it can be dissolved in water, propanetriol, etc. to produce liquid food additives.

  • About Us

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    We are a food additive manufacturer in China. Our main products are lactisole. Lactisole is a food additive that effectively reduces the perceived sweetness intensity of high sugar content foods.


    Our founders are experienced professors and chemists who are experts on the synthesis and applications of lactisole and kokumi compound. We have been manufacturing food additives since 2011 and our products are sold in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

  • Why Us

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    Experienced Manufacturer

    Since 2011, we have been focusing on manufacturing lactisole for more than 10 years.

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    Premium Quality

    Food additive, >98% purity (HPLC), Halal certificated.

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    Widely Recognized

    We have stable partners & customers in the United States, Germany, Brazil, Vietnam, India and other countries.

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