• About Lactisole

    Lactisole is the sodium salt of 2-(4-methoxyphenoxy)-propionic acid, which naturally presents in Colombian Arabica Coffee beans.
    At concentrations of 100–150 ppm in food, lactisole can greatly suppress the perceiving of sweet tastes, both from sugar and from artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. For example, a 12% sucrose solution is perceived like a 4% sucrose solution when lactisole is added.
    Lactisole has widely been used to improve taste in foods such as jellies, jams, and preserved fruit products containing large amounts of sugar. By adding lactisole in these product, it allows fruit flavors to come through due to the suppressing of sugar's sweetness. [Learn more]

  • Why Choose Us


    We are a professional producer with an annual output of 20 tons of lactisole.


    Since 2011, we have been focusing on the production of lactisole for 11 years.


    Our founder has a number of patents on the production and application of lactisole.


    More than a dozen quality indicators ensure high quality products.

  • About Us

    We are a Chinese food additive producer. Our main product is lactisole, a food additive that effectively reduces the perceived sweetness intensity of high sugar content foods.

    Our founders are experienced professors and chemists who are experts on the synthesis and applications of lactisole. We have been producing lactisole since 2011 and have established strict quality standards which set by China and other countries like U.S, Russia, etc. These guarantee that we can provide high quality products.

    So far, our products have entered the United States, Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. We are recognized for our high quality, reasonable price and fast delivery.

    We hope that with our products, we will help food producers to produce products that are more competitive in the market and more popular with consumers.

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